I was chatting with grandparents, brother and husband today about summer jobs. Somewhere Rob read that it can be more beneficial for students to volunteer throughout the summer instead of working in a non related field (of study) to make money for school because in the long run it gives experience (and eventually the degree will get paid for). I had the idealistic hopes that I would find a second part time job for the summer, but now that my visual communications class is coming to an end, I find I have lost the desire to look for something that would only be for two months (and probably pay terrible & lower my standards to receive said low paying job). I am also the biggest time waster in the world and live vicariously through tumblr, which is rather rotten. Instead, I’m hoping to volunteer at a gallery this summer. I just emailed the Art Gallery of Calgary. It’s convenient for transit travel. If they don’t get back to me, I’ll contact UAS, Pith, Museum of Contemporary Art Calgary. I’m doing my practicum this fall and it would be lovely if I ended up somewhere with a little experience so I don’t feel like an incompetent fool (I have great fears of doing new things and looking silly). It would be even more amazing if I ended up at the same place. The AGC is accepting applications for the interns for the fall now. I’m not in charge of looking for a placement at this point now. But it’s in the hands of the amazing Diana Sherlock, so I’m sure I will end up fine. 

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